Edge Studio has been in the business of audio production for over 30 years, and in that time we have produced projects for a wide array of clients, big and small, representing every facet of the Voice Over industry. Click the logo to view some of the many happy clients we have serviced over the years, and listen to some of those projects.
Clavax has been following the principle of building & implementing great ideas that empower the clients’ business & enhance their lives through innovative enterprise solutions. Our team is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge, and experience across technologies that we bring to each project we handle. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships.
Skyelab Music Group has worked with major artists including Madonna, 50 Cent, Will Smith, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Santana, Missy Elliot, 98 Degrees, Sisqo, Mya, & Pink, just to name a few.