A Truly Flexible Inspirational Mobile App

Heaven Your Way offers many different exciting new features with just a few listed below.

Listen to you favorite recording artists narrate Bible chapters and verses.

Select from our catalogue of 1,189 new original songs based on biblical text

Create personalized folders of songs, bible chapters, and verses

Vote for your favorite songs

Vote for major & Indie recording artists to record your favorite songs

Co-executive produce "Fanduce" songs on your favorite recording artists

Our Vision

Heaven Your Way's vision is to create unity through music, spoken Word and spiritual awakening.

A Truly Flexible Inspirational Mobile App

You can select Mood Music (On/Off) as you listen to each chapter and verse. Mood music features an array of soft delicate soothing master fully performed musical pieces creating an enjoyable more pleasurable Bible experience. Musical accompaniment features elegant solo acoustic guitars, gentle rose pedals of ebony and ivory piano motifs, melodic new world string ensembles to sweeping orchestral compositions, and much more! Heaven Your Way mobile App lets you listen to narrations, as well as, visually experience written Bible text. You can elect to view text only with Mood music or, you can elect to listen without viewing written text via the On/Off button. Bible chapters and verses can be translated to over 5,000 different languages via Text-To-Speech, and or, plain text translations.